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Our Founder

"Shoes are a universal requirement, but an acquired obsession."

MELUXXE is a shoe brand founded by Ghanaian-American, Melone Debrah whose passion for finding the perfect shoe manifested after a life changing event. Her accident left her with an ankle fracture that took her on a journey to finding shoes that were fashionable yet comfortable. MELUXXE aims to deliver trend-forward, luxury collections for every woman.

Luxury • Footwear

Our mission is to deliver fashion to your feet that is attainable and make a statement, one pair at a time. We aspire to have every woman feel confident, comfortable and most of all, beautiful!

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-From the Owner

"The best shoe is the one that looks good on you, allows you to express yourself and challenges your style without compromising comfort. When I struggled to find shoes that accomplished that for me, I decided to create my own."